Our Practice and Objectives

Here at the Spragg Law firm, we want to help you:  the consumer. We focus on two aspects.

First, there is Consumer law. We help defend any consumer who might have purchased goods (or services) that were misleading or fraudulent. We will represent you and protect your rights-even rights you did not know you had.

There are various ways in which you might have been Scammed, Defrauded, or Ripped-off.

  • Products and services are often presented in deceptive ways (you are not getting what you paid for).
  • Some products that were sold to you may have been inherently unsafe.
  • Suddenly, a fee that you did not know about crops up on your bill.
  • Bait and switch tactics are used by companies and individuals that are deceptive and unfair.

The Spragg Law Firm is also a major Landlord/Tenant Law firm protecting Good Landlord with Tenant issues and Good Tenants with Landlord issues. Isaac Spragg, is a Miami Auto Fraud Attorney and a Miami Landlord Tenant Professional. You have rights and deserve competent and professional representation. Let us help you.

The second tier of our practice is the Personal Injury side. Here we represent people that were injured (physically or psychologically) as a result of the carelessness of another person or company.

If you were thinking “Where can I find a Personal Injury Lawyer near me?” –  look no further. We will give you a free consultation to discuss your case.  Sometimes cases can be resolved with little or no cost to you the consumer (or injured party).

We are dedicated to “Changing Wrong to Right” through aggressive, ethical, and competent representation.