Consumer Practice

  • Automobile fraud can include car dealerships (of car ads) that gave the consumer fake or false information.   
  • The terms of your auto sale or loan agreement can be fraudulent or unfair.   
  • Dealerships will often misrepresent the condition of the vehicle or not honor the warranty.
  • Some dishonest automobile dealers sell “lemon cars”.   These are cars, determined defective beyond repair.   
  • In Miami-Yo-Yo Car Sale and the Bait and Switch are prevalent and you should seek representation if you think you have been a victim.
Credit Reporting

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects your right to the honourable and exact reporting of your credit information.   Some problems previously reported by clients were:

  • A stranger who had a similar social security number as the client.   Negative credit information was morphed incorrectly to the client.
  • Mix-ups in the information of persons with the same last name and similar first names.
  • Out and out identity theft
  • Privacy violations, where credit reports were shared to unauthorized persons

We can help!  Contact us for a free consultation.

Debt Collection

What is unfair debt collecting? 

  • When a debt collector add charges in addition to the debt
  • When they misrepresent the debt – either by distorting the amount owed
  • False claims such as claiming to be an attorney or to have you arrested if you don’t pay
  • When a debt collector harasses you or your family

All of this is prohibited by state and federal law.   Contact us for more information.   

Deceptive and Fraudulent Practices and Sales

Businesses sometimes make false and deceptive claims in order to trick consumers into buying products or services.    Of course, advertising is allowed, but sometimes advertisements cross a line by being misleading and constitute consumer fraud.

If you think you might have been conned, speak to us.

Defective Products

When a company is aware that it is selling defective products, it is acting against federal law.   Products might be dangerous and can cause injury. If you suffered an injury (or potential injury) and your Consumer Law Attorney can prove that the company knew about their products being defective, you may have a claim against them.

Financial Exploitation

Believe it or not, fraudulent companies or individuals often target consumers (and often the poor and the elderly) by offering them products and services that are not above board or that the Consumer does not need or want.   

Financial exploitation can take on many forms:   

  • In Mortgage financing or Timeshare deals
  • In real estate housing scams – (where the agent promises to “sell your home or buy it myself”.   This is a bait and switch trick.  The agent reels you in as a client, but don’t tell you about all the stipulations in the contract where the offer to buy your house is at way below market value)
  • Landlords can exploit tenants, or vice versa
Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenants can have disputes over just about anything. 

Landlords ought to make repairs, treat tenants fairly and return their security deposit in a timely manner.   They may not evict a tenant without a court order.   Landlords may not harass tenants.

Tenants must pay their rent on time and keep the dwelling of the landlord in a good condition.

A  Landlord/Tenant Firm such as ours is in the best position to help you if you find yourself in some predicament over a tenancy issue.   

We welcome Good Landlords with Tenant issues and Good Tenants with Landlord issues.

Warranty Disputes

If you’ve bought something under a warranty, the business that sold the product to you, should honor it. But businesses often fail to meet this contractual obligation to the consumer. It is unlawful.

Just because someone sells you something “As is” does not mean you that there is no warranty whatsoever-call us and let us help you.

We can help you to force the business to comply or to receive compensation.   


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