Personal Injury Practice

Personal injury (PI) law involves civil law cases where compensation is sought for injuries.   You can be awarded compensation for injuries sustained during an accident – ranging from an automobile accident or even due to a slip and fall. In the end, the court wants to put you back in the same position you would have been, had the injury not happened.

Even the best personal injury lawyer will tell you that personal injury practice boils down to two questions:   Was the defendant responsible for what happened to you?  And if so, what is the nature and degree of the injuries you suffered?

Below are a few types of personal injury cases – which happened to you?  We can help you.  Please call our office to arrange for a free, first consultation.

Automobile Accidents

To be seriously injured in an automobile accident are horrifying. Not only have you suffered terrible injuries, but you also cannot work.  You have huge medical bills. It is even more appalling if it wasn’t your fault.   

Did you know, you can claim compensation under the Personal Injury law? You can be reimbursed for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. Whether you were the driver, a passenger or a pedestrian, you might have a case.   

The most important thing is that you can thoroughly explain what happened. Supporting paperwork, such as an accident report, eyewitness accounts or even photos will help explain why you were not at fault. Even the best personal injury attorney won’t be able to help you if you do not have some back-up to your story.

The insurance companies have many lawyers on their side – you should have a good lawyer on your side. Remember-never signs anything until you consult a lawyer that represents your interests.

But, do not despair. Chat with us. We know the law and might know of ways to help you support your claim.

Injuries From Products or Services

Individuals are entitled to just compensation for their (or family members) injuries caused by defective or products and services.

General Injuries

People are walking, driving, chatting and interacting with others each and every day. There are literally hundreds of opportunities to suffer a general misfortune.

Individuals are entitled to be compensated for injury caused by other people (or animals) due to negligence, reckless conduct or intentional misconduct.   Common general personal injury cases are cases of battery or where a dog attacked someone.   Anything can resort under a ‘general injury’ – speak to us if you think you suffered from someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents occur when someone falls and sustains an injury on the premises of another party.  It can happen in a grocery store, a shopping mall or at work.   

If you were unfortunate enough to suffer a slip and fall accident, you can only claim damages if negligence or reckless conduct can be proved on the part of the business premise’s owner or employees.

Products Liability

You may sue a company for damages if you were injured by a defective product. A product may be defective because of a manufacturing fault, a flaw in design, or because the manufacturer did not warn consumers adequately about how to use the product.

If the product was used in the correct way by the consumer, but still caused injury, the company that manufactured it will be legally responsible for damages caused.

Wrongful Death

After a fatal accident, the loved ones of the victim can be compensated if the death was wrongful. Wrongful death can happen because of a murder, a careless act or irresponsible driving. Medical malpractice is also a case for a wrongful death claim.   

We can help you to decide if you might have a feasible claim. Lawyers for Personal Injury claims are numerous, but we pride ourselves on a personal and compassionate service