1. Before or soon after signing a Lease – do a walk-through and document ALL damages to the property big and small. Send your landlord an email and copy yourself with all the damage you found on the property. Also- take picture and/or video of the entire property and particularly any damage to the property and email the pictures to yourself and keep it where you can find it.

2. During your tenancy – be sure to make any minor repairs that you may cause – don’t wait till you are going to vacate.

3. Give your landlord written notice of any repairs that need to be fixed (hand-deliver or email which is best). Always communicate with your landlord in writing or email.

4. Read, Read, and Read your lease – know what the rules are before you sign the lease.

5. Once your move out all your property take pictures or video of the entire property (including in the closets, under cabinets, appliances, etc.). Then do a walk-through with the Landlord before you turn over the keys.