10 Things a Tenant should know about their Security Deposit:

1. Know your rights – get a free Consultation from a Security Deposit Lawyer.

2. In Florida Security Deposits are governed by Florida Law (Florida Statutes

3. Tenant’s Security Deposit belongs to the Tenant and not the Landlord.

4. Security Deposit is to protect the Landlord against damages that might be incurred during the tenancy.

5. Normal wear and tear of a property is not normally considered damages that can be subtracted from the tenant’s security deposit (painting walls or replacing worn carpet).

6. Landlord must return the security deposit within 15 days after the tenant vacates if the landlord does impose a claim against the security deposit.

7. If the Landlord wants to impose a claim against the tenant’s security deposit-the landlord must send the former tenant a certified letter detailing the claim and return any unclaimed amount of the security deposit within 30 days after the former tenant vacates the property.

8. If the Landlord does not send the notice of claim to the former tenant within 30 days-the landlord forfeits their right to impose a claim or subtract damages from the security deposit.

9. After the tenant receives notice that the landlord intends to impose a claim against their security deposit-the tenant has 15-days to send a written objection to the landlord.

10. Get a free consultation: Landlord-Tenant Law can be complicated and tenants should seek Free legal advice or consultation from a Florida Landlord-Tenant Lawyer or a Security Deposit Attorney.

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