Many customers deal with fraud at car dealerships more often than not. Even though this is an unfortunate experience, it is important to recognize car warranty scams and hire an auto dealer fraud lawyer, if you have experienced something like this before make sure to consult Spragg Law Firm, P.A. We want to make sure that you do not slip into any of these common scams as most people do, so you can be certain that your car dealership contains people you can trust. Our vehicle fraud attorney knows what signs to look for when you are at a car dealership, so make sure that you are on the lookout for these signs as well. Many car dealerships have an easy time scamming their customers because they know that their customers aren’t familiar much with the certain financing plans, sales, mileage, and more when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Luckily, our auto fraud attorney is here to help you through anything you need, no matter if you have been scammed or are trying to prevent yourself from being scammed.


Signs From An Auto Fraud Lawyer 

We want you to know what signs to look for at the car dealership so you do not get scammed. First, make sure that the price on the contract you sign matches the price of the car because some dealerships will put faulty prices on their products. Second, do not buy any extra accessories such as packages for protection if you do not want to. Third, ask your dealership if the car they are selling for a low price is available to purchase. Fourth, have the car you want to buy inspected and test drive it so you can be sure that nothing is wrong with it. Fifth, bring your credit report to the dealership so they cannot scam you into an unfair financing plan because of bad credit. Sixth, learn the difference between leasing a car and owning a vehicle after you have paid it off because some dealerships will tell you that it will be yours at the end of your lease, which is not always true. Seventh, make sure you figure out how much your car is worth if you want to trade it in, and do not let the dealership tell you that it is less.


More Signs To Look For 

It is important to recognize all of the signs of fraud because some might slip through your fingers if you are not careful. Here are more signs to look for:

  • Do not co-sign anything
  • Do not buy extra products, so that you may finance your car
  • Do not reconfigure your financing plan, so that it is a higher figure, if the dealership calls you


We Protect You 

Our auto fraud lawyer is always looking out for your best interest, which is why we protect you from fraud at dealerships. Unfortunately, you have to be on high alert when you are purchasing a vehicle because many dealerships are masters at fraud.


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