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A large number of used and new car sales involve auto dealer fraud, unfair business dealings, and deception. Have you been scammed by an auto dealer? You’ll need the backing of an auto fraud lawyer experienced in handling auto dealer scams. Located in Miami, skilled auto fraud attorneys at The Spragg Law Firm, P.A. are ready to help you prepare and present your case. Our auto fraud lawyer in Miami Dade is always thorough when handling client’s cases and will answer all the questions you have. Yes, search no more for the best “lawyers that deal with car dealerships near me!”

Auto Fraud Miami FL


  • Automobile fraud can include car dealerships (of car ads) that gave the consumer fake or false information.   
  • The terms of your auto sale or loan agreement can be fraudulent or unfair.  
  • Dealerships will often misrepresent the condition of the vehicle or not honor the warranty.
  • Some dishonest automobile dealers sell “lemon cars”.   These are cars, determined defective beyond repair.   
  • In Miami-Yo-Yo Car Sale and the Bait and Switch are prevalent and you should seek representation if you think you have been a victim.

Types Of Auto Fraud

The following are dimensions automobile fraud can take. These include:


Car Dealership Of Car Ads

In the ads, a car dealer gives consumers false and fake information about the car.


Terms Of Service

The car dealer is fraudulent about their terms of auto sales or unfair about loan agreement


The auto dealer misrepresents the actual condition of the car or disregards the warranty.

Sales Of Lemon Cars

These are cars tagged as defective beyond repair.

Why You Need A Fraud Attorney

Here are reasons why we are the best “dealership fraud attorney near me.”

  • Protect Your Rights- As the best auto fraud attorney Miami Florida locals trust, our experienced attorney would let you understand what your rights are and make sure your rights are protected.
  • We Know The Law- The law surrounding auto car fraud is complex, meaning that many pitfalls await inexperienced ones navigating the process. But since we’ve been practicing for years, we’ll explain to you everything you need to know and how to proceed. 
  • Craft A Defense- Our skilled attorneys craft a professional defense on your behalf and can skillfully take you through the court proceedings.

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