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Civil Litigation

As an individual or a business, you might face a lawsuit through civil litigation. Under the laws of Florida State, monetary compensation can be pursued for unlawful business practices, workplace misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and general disputes. These litigations can land you and your company in serious trouble, and so you need an expert to deal with them and defend your interests.

The Spragg law firm is one of the renowned law firms in Florida, and we are dedicated to protecting our clients in legal disputes. We are well-learned about law and apply our knowledge to prepare a strong case for your side. We have helped many people fight against malpractices and wrong accusations, and with our ethical and aggressive representation, we can serve you too.

In this write-up, we elaborate on some of our services.

Landlord/Tenant legal matters

Spragg Law Firm majors in landlord/tenant issues, and Mr Isaac Spragg is one of the best eviction attorneys in Miami. If you own a property or are a tenant, you need a lawyer to help you with the contract. You might find yourself in a clash with the other party, and in cases like these, you need a legal advisor to tell you about your rights and the rulings of law on the matter. The opposite party might be breaching the contract, and we can help you resolve the problem and ensure that your rights are protected.

Personal Injury

Under the law, you can sue a business or an individual if an accident occurs within their premises. The law allows you to ask for coverage of the monetary damages, and for this, you need our civil litigation lawyers. We help you figure out if the defendant is responsible for the injury and the degree of damage. Based on this, we prepare and present your case before the court.

Debt collection

The success of a business lies in the careful management of finances. You are entitled to the due payment for your service and products, and so if your customer fails to pay the debt, a legal course can be pursued for debt collection.

On the other hand, you may have taken a loan, and your creditors are bugging you unlawfully before time or violating the pre-decided terms. Whether you are a debtor or have lent an amount, if you are being wronged, our debt collection attorney is at your service. We can advise you on the paperwork and on the best way to pursue the matter legally.

Contractual disputes

One of the most common reasons for civil litigation is contractual disputes. An agreement between two parties need to be well-articulated, unambiguous, and the one that clearly defines the obligations and rights of each party.

A contractual dispute may result if one of the parties fail to deliver the promised service or does not fulfil the terms that were agreed upon. And so, be it loan agreements, commercial leases, business contracts, or breaches of confidentiality and privacy, we can help you legally settle all the contractual problems.

Auto fraud

Cars are a common means of conveyance for people in Florida. When dealing with cars, scams often happen, so hiring an auto dealer fraud lawyer becomes imperative. Our vehicle fraud attorney can advise you on what frauds you must look out for before signing the contracting and locking the deal.

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Hiring an experienced attorney for civil litigation matters is important to attain your due rights. You need someone who is well-learned about legal issues and can represent you with a strong case by the law. The Spragg Law Firm has civil lawyers who can effectively help you pursue your case, so if you want a free consultation, contact us today!

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