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It can be very challenging and intimidating if one is charged with a criminal offence or is arrested. But being charged and placed under arrest doesn’t mean you are guilty. However, if you are not proven innocent, this charge can be forever stuck on your profile, making you seem as if you had a criminal past which can cause many severe problems in the real world. It may affect your status, your freedom, ability to vote or own a firearm, in your job and loan applications, living accommodations. It would make it quite difficult for you to deal with matters in most aspects. Spragg law firm can help you attain peace of mind by providing an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Miami, FL. If you search for a criminal attorney in Miami, FL, contact us today to help you defend your case.


When you are charged with a criminal offence, you need to go to the court prepared. If you are not well prepared and backed up with proper arguments, you can lose the case. Most people lose the case because they are not aware of the legal technicalities or anything about the court’s procedures. That is why you need legal help when you are accused of a crime; You need a professional criminal defence attorney to fight your case because they are well aware of all the legal technicalities.

Most of the time, people keep away from hiring a criminal defence attorney because the fees of hiring a lawyer are lesser than hiring a criminal defence attorney. Still, the defence attorney is a wise decision because they can save you from the huge expenses that would result from losing your case. A criminal defence attorney can differentiate between the different types of criminal cases, so he is more likely to determine factors and targets that can be used for removing charges relating to any alleged crime on yours. They have excellent investigation and remarkable negotiations skills. They will do their best to reduce your sentence by negotiating a deal or plea of the bargain with the prosecutor. They are skilled professionals who know when what to say and how to say and win the case.

A criminal attorney in Miami, FL, will guide you through the legal process, helping you eliminate any possible errors and will search for evidence and loopholes to benefit you and will fight back for you and protect you from the zealous prosecutors.

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When it comes to Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney In Miami, Fl, Spragg law firm is among the top choices. Throughout Florida, our law firm is 100% trusted for effective criminal defence. We are a reputable firm with a close grip on our client’s cases.

We understand that hiring a criminal defence lawyer in Miami, FL, can be pretty costly. That’s why we provide services at a very affordable cost so that everyone can benefit from our outstanding service and get their rights protected.

We provide legal attorneys with years of experience who can help you win your case at ease. They can guide you throughout the process. We always keep our clients first and understand their situation and needs and take a personal approach to their cases.

Our firm takes care of a wide range of criminal cases. Whether you’re being charged with assault, battery, burglary, domestic violence, driving under the influence, homicide, or identity theft, we can help you out in all matters. However, our services are not limited to this list only.

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Being charged with a crime can cost you your whole life and your freedom, and why would you want to give up your freedom and rights by trusting an overworked public defender who already has enough on his plate? Contact Spragg law firm today and get in touch with our criminal defence attorney to protect your rights and future. Call us today at (786) 773-1502 to get a free consultation and discuss your case. For more information, visit our website:

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