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Everything there is to know about Real Estate Law.

Purchasing a house can be a fascinating experience of your life; however, there are many legal restrictions and obligations that you need to take care of before getting a house. Real estate law governs buying, using or selling of land. It contains details about the ownership and conditions of owning land. However, sometimes these conditions are not fully met, and either party, the buyer or seller, can cause a dispute on the matter of land. That is why you need a legal professional to help you throughout the process. Spragg law firm provides you with all the experienced real estate lawyer in Miami who can help you throughout the procedure of purchasing a house. If you are in search of a real estate litigation attorney Miami, contact us today.

Why do you need a Real Estate lawyer?

The real estate law deed is a document containing every single right of the purchasing party and the property owner’s responsibility. This document is drafted with all the property descriptions. It works like a promise between the owner and the buyer over the title of the property. It also covers the legal issues relating to anything that comes with the property. However, most of the time, the buyers get scammed easily because they are not fully aware of the procedure and legal jargon.

In order to not get scammed, hiring a real estate lawyer in Miami is a wise decision. These property lawyers are experienced and are well aware of the real estate business, and they know the procedures followed during the acquisition or sale of the property. With their specialization, they can help you draft, negotiate and understand the contract better. They prepare and review all the documents associated with the purchase agreements, mortgage, title, transfer documents etc. They are hired to ensure that the transfer is legal and binding at the end of the closing.

The real estate attorney also advises their client on the type of transactions they are considering by researching the property’s title and can also solve any issue or any dispute that comes up on the property after the closing.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing the best and suitable real estate lawyer in Miami, Spragg law firm is the right place. We are one of the best law firms in Miami, Florida and provide you with experienced and qualified attorneys for assisting and guiding you throughout your transactions and even after that. We are a reputable firm with a tight grasp of our client’s cases.

Sometimes hiring a real estate litigation attorney in Miami can be costly. That’s why we provide you with property lawyers at a very reasonable fee so that everyone can get their rights protected, and no one has to fall before injustice.

Our real estate attorney Miami has years of experience and can handle all aspects of real estate transactions and litigation. We litigate real estate contract titles, commercial landlord\tenant disputes and other areas of real estate litigation matters. We provide you with solutions that can help you resolve disputes. We are devoted to representing our client’s property interests.

We handle a list of issues related to property like boundary line disputes, reforming defects in deeds and mortgages, quiet title litigation, title insurance litigation, Commercial and residential real estate contracts, real estate mortgage fraud etc.

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Even after carefully formatting a real estate contract, many issues can arise after the closing. To solve these disputes, you would need an experienced real estate lawyer in Miami who would help you develop a strategy to come up with the best solution. Contact Spragg Law firm today if you need a real estate lawyer in Miami who can guide you through the transaction process and protect your interest. We are one of the best when it comes to providing legal services to our clients. Contact us at (786) 773-1502 and get yourself untangled from the legal dispute with the help of our professional service. For more information, visit

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